SEED VAULT – work in progress

In the near future …

While investigating a mysterious world wide crop blight an ambitious young agronomist uncovers an eco-conspiracy with potential to jeopardize mankind’s ability to feed itself. As he searches for the stolen contents of the Seed Vault, he discovers a new respect for his disgraced environmental activist father, finds love and creates hope for humanity’s otherwise almost certain starvation.

THE BRIDGE CLUB – work in progress

This is a television sitcom set in a bridge club. I personally have been playing for five years now having learned in a club environment and this is what has been the inspiration for this sitcom. Suffice to say that the game is peopled by many eccentrics. who are diverse in age and nationality and personality. The pressure of the game in a competitive environment does a lot to reveal their deeper natures and there is never a game where I don’t find material that would work in a show. Did I mention it’s a comedy!

CRUISING the MUSICAL – work in progress

Cruising the Musical is a light contemporary romantic comedy set on a cruise ship.
A conservative thirty something couple, Roger and Samantha have been married long enough to know they shouldn’t be any more, but they take a last chance cruise so they can ‘work things out’. He’s betrayed her. And she’s got her own secrets. On their first night they meet their worst nightmare – Astrid. She is a nosy psychiatrist from Miami. Think rich. Blonde. Botoxed.
Jack is her cardiologist “husband”: creamy dessert eating, Tequila-loving cardiologist.
These two have a zest for life that is infectious; party animals who can’t stand to see anyone unhappy so they get involved and show the unwilling couple how it’s done. When Astrid’s actual husband Victor turns up at the next port, things spin around and not for the better. It turns out Astrid and Jack are not married but are having an affair, and they may have lied about some other things as well!


I was asked to write a verbatim piece for Lou’s Place – a refuge for homeless women. I interviewed three homeless women who had been on the streets for years. I used their exact words to tell their story and raise almost $50,000 in the process.


Inspired by the largescale movement of stateless people  this play explores the dynamics of the family of immigration officer Craig who must decide how far he will go to save his own child while also deciding the fate of a young refugee.