CRUISING the MUSICAL – work in progress

I am currently looking for a composer for this piece. The book is written and half the lyrics. Please enjoy this script excerpt where you'll meet the four main characters.

ASTRID and JACK make out heavily at the table. A WAITER – MARCO on the side lines watches attentive possibly with a guitar or ukulele.  ASTRID knocks over some glasses or food while making out with Jack

ASTRID That was my fault. Let me help 

WAITER – MARCUS No. No. No. It’s my pleasure to do it. Please… enjoy your … er food. 

ASTRID I’ve never had duck this good. Could I get another serving of this duck for Jack? 

WAITER – MARCUS Of course Madam. As soon as I’ve cleared up. 

JACK We don’t need any more food. 

ASTRID Nonsense. It’s a cruise. I can have whatever I want. 

WAITER – MARCUS brings another serving of duck and ASTRID cuts it up and feeds it to him.

ASTRID Eat your duck darling. 

Lights up on ROGER and SAMANTHA as they sit down at their table. 

SAMANTHA This, feels like social Siberia. 


SAMANTHA (glares at ASTRID and Jack) You know you’re stuck with the same table and people every night on a cruise ship? 

ROGER (looking out small porthole) Well at least we have a fantastic view. 

SAMANTHA (Looking at ASTRID and Jack) If you like watching middle aged American exhibitionists. 

The waiter puts a duck in front of Sam and a steak in front of Roger. Sam pokes at her food, examining it as if it’s disgusting. 

ROGER It isn’t a science experiment. 

SAMANTHA It’s tastes like duck, smells like duck, but the texture is wrong … and it looks like … some kind of duck flavored sponge that a clever food technologist dreamed up. 

ROGER Everybody else seems to be able to enjoy their meal without poking at it as if it’s play dough. 

Gesturing to ASTRID and JACK eating their duck. A steaming steak is on his plate. ROGER takes a bite. It is obviously tough as nails

And this fillet is perfect!