THE BRIDGE CLUB – work in progress

This show is set in a bridge club run by Thomas, a hapless manager who is forever almost bankrupt.  I envisage one scheme after another as he tries to save the club.  Try as he might the pressure is too much for him. Think Basil Fawlty meets David Brent underneath with a barely concealed veneer of hospitality.

Eddie is the main protagonist. He is a bridge tragic who is frankly not that good.  He also lies to his wife about how much he plays. The series would track his journey as he improves at the game while being shocked by the behaviour of other players and at the same time adopting their methods.

Thomas’s club is peopled by peculiar characters who come to play each week while in other weeks there are drop-ins who inevitably create havoc. For everyone the stakes are high and the conflict and tension arises because everyone wants to win.  The game is a wonderful vehicle to display true character.

Bridge is played by over 200 million people around the world. During Covid its popularity soared as people were locked down and many learnt to play online.  BBO, which is the most popular online platform, boasts ten million log in’s a day.


Thomas is the hapless owner of the bridge club. His customers are old and keep dying and he has debts up to his eyeballs. He might have a gambling problem. He is serially single. As a result, he is completely stressed and rude to his clients continually. Think Basil Fawlty meets David Brent. He simmers with a veneer of politeness

Cindy runs the coffee shop / café. She is bossy and desperate to keep her job. But she has no money to fix things that break or to keep the café running smoothly. Timid Maricon works for her and is is a nervous wreck except when Cindy is out of the way in which case her sandwiches and coffee outshine Cindy’s. Orders are up when Cindy is away.

Eddie is addicted to bridge. He pretends he is at work while playing at the club. No one wants to play with him because he is frankly not much good. He has paid Barbara to both teach him and play with him.

Barbara is Eddie’s bridge teacher. She is abrasive and rude and thinks the game is war.

Yvonne is Eastern European, very elegant, and quite nasty. She is highly competitive.  She is married to Syd who is half dead.

Norbett plays with Burt. He is highly skilled and impatient generally but especially with beginners. He is also an environmentalist who has stopped the club using plastic straws and take away cups. Burt is his long standing bridge partner.

Elizabeth is new to the club and to bridge. She has no idea what she is doing. She is an annoying chatterbox who manages to speaks truths and be everyone’s conscience. She plays with Judy, her long time friend who has introduced her to bridge after her husband died.

Possible Drop ins

The Russians – people of few words who play killer bridge. Cheats

The Singaporeans – elegant experts. Inscrutable and ruthless who play conventions no one understand

Uni students – young students who take the game by storm

World champion

Arguing Hippy couple

Old Hungarian men who have played together for years and argue all the time

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