Asylum by Ruth Fingret

Inspired by the largescale movement of stateless people  this play explores the dynamics of the family of immigration officer Craig who must decide how far he will go to save his own child while also deciding the fate of a young refugee.

CRAIG                 I had six missed calls.

JASON                The police came around this afternoon. Said they wanted to ask me a few questions. They took me down to the station.

CRAIG                 (beat) So, you were arrested?

JASON                No.

CRAIG                 Well, what did they want then?

JASON                Bullshit. That’s what.

CRAIG                 Don’t swear at me.

JASON                I wasn’t.

CRAIG                 What have you done now?

JASON                (beat) I haven’t done anything. Some dickhead at a party I went to three weeks ago is saying I held him up with a pair of scissors.

             I see.

JASON                For fifty-five bucks!

CRAIG                 And did you?

JASON                (beat) What do you reckon?

CRAIG                 Did you say anything to them?

JASON                I’m not an idiot.

CRAIG                 It always has to be you, doesn’t it?

JASON                I didn’t do anything.

CRAIG                 Swear to me you –

JASON                Why didn’t you pick up your phone?

CRAIG                 I was working. Have you heard of that?

JASON                And I was at the police station.

CRAIG                 (Pause) So, where were you at the time they say this robbery happened?

JASON                I was at the party.

CRAIG                 Did you tell them that?

JASON                Not exactly.

CRAIG                 So, you lied. (Pause) I told you it would come to this, didn’t I?

JASON                For fuck’s sake –

CRAIG                 Have they accused you of it?

JASON                They did that bullshit you do with your ragheads.

CRAIG                 Is that the bullshit that puts food in your mouth? Is that the bullshit you’re talking about?