You don’t need to be Jewish

Back in the 60’s a special album called “You Don’t have to be Jewish” shot to the top of the charts. In my house it was played continually and when we stopped playing it we quoted it, for years. Many moons later I had the idea that it would be fun to put these sketches, that were originally written to be heard, on the stage in Australia. So began a journey first with David Spicer Productions who managed to secure the rights, then the Bondi Theatre Company who agreed to  produce the show with me as Director.  We battled problematic casting choices (thankfully solved when they left) , bouts of Covid (thankfully solved when it left), and other illnesses (also thankfully solved), but this cast came through with a show for which I am proud to be associated.


“ Christine Greenough, Geoff Sirmai, Andrea Ginsberg, Liz Hovey, James Burchett and the show’s producer, David Spicer, step up to the plate to perform a series of skits, sketches and singalongs that fondle the nostalgia zone, tickle the funny bone, and poke not a little at woke.”

… Fingret and her stalwart cast and crew have attacked the task with typical thespian fervour – and Jewish humour! They move from sketches of two characters to sketches of six. They change characters constantly …. They make mischievous eye contact with the audience. Most of all they make people laugh. They laugh because the scripts are funny. They laugh because the cast understands and captures the right intonations and timing. They laugh because the characters depicted are universal so ‘You don’t have to be Jewish’ to recognise them.

As an ensemble, the group works well together proving their talents and the strong direction by Ruth Fingret who has done well in creating a great sense of cohesiveness amongst the cast and has worked well to navigate the many scene changes. The jokes are rapid fire and … The inclusion of live music was a clever choice and having the keyboardist featured on stage certainly heightened the piece, offering a clever distraction when the scenes needed more set up time. The set is simple and … props .. maintain visual interest.

This highly amusing show comprises a series of sketches performed by an energetic and enthusiastic ensemble cast who perform some of the most memorable jokes and delicious insults in modern American comedic history … Director, Ruth Fingret, ensures proceedings move along at a cracking pace and a special mention for Michelle Goldman whose musical accompaniment is precise and enjoyable.

If you can’t make that then come see us at a more immersive