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  1. What a thought-provoking presentation of the dilemmas we face at work and at home – confronting, moving and great acting with a meaty script. Bravo Ruth and everyone involved!

  2. Superbbbbbbb. Brilliant writing and very well Directed.
    Performances were mind blowing . It will be unfair to pin point any particular.
    Wishing you all the best for future shows.

  3. Great script and acting. Very well constructed and presents an interesting and compelling view of hard decisions and their consequences.

  4. This was an amazingly powerful piece and really tight performance. Great acting, very emotional and thought provoking. I’m really glad to have seen this.

  5. The three intertwining stories worked extremely well and reinforced the intensity of the experience. Every cast member was very convincing in their roles.
    It was deeply touching and a privilege to have experienced this show. Congratulations!

  6. A confronting and thought-provoking play about the sacrifices individuals make to protect their loved ones.

    Authentic and honest, this deserves a wider audience. Congrats to all involved!

  7. Had me from the start. A thought provoking story with strong characters and amazing actors. Their journeys were difficult, sad and sometimes frustrating. I felt for them all. A must see

  8. An incredible show. So real.
    A mixture of intense drama and humour and fantastic for my husband who is visually impaired- it was clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks Dianne Weller my cousin for inviting us.

  9. Congratulations on a well written and directed play. Poignant look into two different forms of asylum: the public and the private. Worth seeing.

  10. I went to see it last night. Woke up today and I’m still thinking about it. The situation that characters are in is so relatable on so many levels to so many people. I absolutely loved it. And honestly I haven’t even noticed how time flew watching it.

  11. I recently had the pleasure of attending the play “Asylum” at the Hellenic Art Theater, and I must say, it was a truly captivating experience. From start to finish, this play, written, directed, and performed fabulously, deserves nothing less than the big stage and the attention of thousands of eyes.

    The story of “Asylum” is deceptively simple yet deeply impactful. It explores a heart-wrenching triangulation in which everyone can find their own reflection. The incredibly crafted triangle of victim, prosecutor, and rescuer is a part of everyone’s life in one way or another, and it was portrayed on stage with simple yet familiar decorations. The use of light and stage drawing further enhanced the emotional depth of this soulful triangle.

    I cannot recommend this play enough. It made me ponder deeply and question myself on topics such as truth, responsibility, the balance between obeying the law and adhering to humanistic principles, and the clash between personal morality and social responsibility. “Asylum” offers something for everyone, allowing each individual to find their own meaning within its thought-provoking narrative.

    If you have the chance, I highly encourage you to witness this exceptional production firsthand. Prepare to be moved, challenged, and inspired by the power of “Asylum” at the Hellenic Art Theater.

  12. An intensely powerful and moving experience delving deeply into psychological issues that affect us all. A brilliant concept of interweaving lives with outstanding talent portraying their roles with great depth and integrity.
    Highly recommended.

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Every actor was excellent and the entire performance was extremely gripping. The issues are very real and highly topical. I recommend this most highly.

  14. Certainly a thought provoking play dealing with some very confronting issues. Brought to life with unflinching honesty. Intense, powerful and very effective. Well done and congratulations to all concerned.

  15. Superb script Ruth – so many thought provoking moments. Well done to all the amazing actors, incredible performances, loved the fast exchanges and physicality in the show. Very well directed and executed. I have been telling everyone to come. I hope you get the audiences this show deserves.

  16. A very well crafted production, with great actors exploring diverse intertwining stories. Go see it for a great night – a play with bite!

  17. Hi Ruth, I have shared the link with all theatre loving friends. I have posted the review in my wall too.

    The powerful story by Ruth Fingret comes to life on the stage more powerfully with some impeccable, tight and absorbing acting by some extremely talented artists. The director has done an amazing job intertwining the lives of the characters, which begins as loose threads, but gets tighter and tighter as the play progresses. The power packed performances of each actor is a lesson in itself. The different layers of a character’s personality and the transition of one emotion to another was so deftly performed ! Absolutely loved it.

  18. Fantastic thought-provoking script coupled with brilliant performances. Congratulations to all involved !

  19. That was just amazing! Superb direction and scintillating performance by all actors. It’s such an amazing storyline intertwined from the onset scene! of the play to the final scene. Ruth, you delivered a masterpiece in here. Well done 👏

    One statement, “ASYLUM – A MUST WATCH” play!!

  20. A very tricky topic handled in a highly innovative way!!!
    This play takes a hard look at a complex problem and examines the moral dilemmas faced by both sides of the immigration/detention/asylum issue.
    A great cast takes you to what appears to be the obvious place then transports you somewhere else – somewhere you may never have imagined.
    Hey, it’s raining and this is a wonderful, locally written, produced, directed and performed piece of theatre in a beautiful space.
    I highly recommend seeing it…

  21. Fabulous brilliant work we loved it !! Amazing cast and the production was outstanding – thanks Olga fantastic work 💕💕

  22. Superb acting, fantastic and very relevant script, particularly loved how the characters connected. Highly recommend!

  23. What a fantastic piece! It is fast paced and engrossing. The characters are interesting and well-formed. Beautifully written and the performances were great. Asylum certainly deserves a wide audience. We were so glad we went, and it was a cold, wet night!

  24. Tight script, well researched. I know the field, and found the play thoughtful and engaging, thank you!

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