In 2016 I had a random conversation with my son Max who was working at Big Poppas at the time. His co-worker was Kieran Took who is involved in a fabulous theatre company called Brave New Word said they were looking for new Australian works to produce. Max knew I’d been working on Asylum (then called Refoulement)  and asked me if I wanted to send it to them.  The response in July 2017 from  these wonderful theatre makers was that they were 

... very excited to be writing you, regarding your play 'Refoulment'... We think the play has great potential and are excited with the many opportunities it presents.

What followed was a series of meetings over 6 weeks where we read the play each week with some fine actors, I received feedback and then did rewrites. This process of hearing the play aloud each week was amazing and helped me hone the play. Then it was given to very talented Richard Hilliar to direct. He chose a wonderful cast and we had a sold out run in a small ‘found’ location in Paddington. The reviews were terrific but this was my favourite because it really captured the notion that making theatre is a collaborative effort

They’ve (BRAVE NEW WORD) really hit their stride with Asylum, claiming an excellent writer with an outstanding text. This is a marvellous production, one of those joyful moments where the right director and production company find the best writer for their creative expression. Asylum is a great night of theatre and not to be missed.

(see the full review here:

Many people saw that show and many have said I should mount it again. This is what we are doing this May this year at the Hellenic Art Theatre in Marrickville.  It’s a new production company, new creative team and cast (mostly) and the director Olga Tamara has quite a different vision for it.  

Later this week we’ll be announcing the cast.

Thanks again to the Brave New Word team. We will be standing on your very tall shoulders. 

Hope to see you there.

More info to follow.