Reading of SONG OF RAIN

Libretto by Danny Ginges

Music by Phil Foxman

Last Sunday, June 16th, 2024, I had a blast hosting a reading of a brand new musical by the incredibly talented Danny Ginges and Philip Foxman. Titled Song of Rain, this musical explores the often difficult but inspiring life of Rachel Carson, the pioneering marine biologist and writer from the 1960s.

The reading was brought to life with a fantastic group of actors that I am proud to call my colleagues. They included Geoff Sirmai, Emma Burns, Leanne Mauru, Liz Hovey, Sally Williams, and Andrea Ginsberg, whose professionalism and talent was on keenly on display.

Working closely with Danny and Phil, we are hoping to help refine the script with helpful feedback and suggestions to enhance its clarity and impact.

DRamaturgy is a collaborative process, always involving multiple drafts. Striking the balance between constructive criticism and encouragement, ensuring that the story of Rachel Carson is told in the most compelling and engaging way possible is the aim.